WRC - Monte Carlo Rally preview
26 Januar 2018

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WRC - Monte Carlo Rally preview


Season starts in Monte Carlo

The Rally of Monte Carlo (25th-28th January), where many teams involved are equipped by BMC, kick starts the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship  and it is one of the most special challenge of the year.

Below some details and information about the race:

The race

-         Essentially an asphalt rally, but unpredictable mountain weather brings varied conditions.

-         Competitors must expect snow, ice and dry asphalt - often encountering all in the same stage.

-         They must balance the need for grip in winter weather with that required for dry asphalt.

-         Shrewd tyre selection providing the best compromise for frequently changing conditions is key.

-         Experience and the ability to “read” conditions is vital.

-         Fifty per cent of the route 2018 will be new compared to 2017. 

The car setup

-         Asphalt suspension. 

-         Wacky tyre selections which can include studded tyres on opposite corners of the car, matched with dry weather rubber.

-         Two spare tyres is normal.

-         Additional light pods for Thursday’s night stages. 

The history

The first run took place in 1911; the circuit was designed to promote Monte-Carlo as a tourist destination, with competitors starting from different European cities before gathering in Monaco.


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